Keto vs Atkins Diet: Differences and Health Benefits

Keto diet vs Atkins What is the difference between them? Many people ask this question. 
In fact, both diets are very similar. However, there are some small details that make them very different from one another. Therefore, you must be aware of these differences before choosing the most appropriate diet for you.

To knowing the differences between the two diets, let’s take a look at each diet separately, including the pros and cons, and then determine which low-carb diet is best for you and why.

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet was first introduced in 1924 by Dr Russell Wilder, who worked at the famous Mayo Clinic. This diet was initially used to treat epileptic seizures. 

The keto diet is one of the most reliable diets for people who want to get rid of obesity, and it depends entirely on increasing fat intake and reducing carbohydrate intake because this enhances the process of burning fat for energy. (It’s called the state of ketosis)

* The ketogenic diet is high in proteins and fats, and very low in carbohydrates:

  • Carbohydrates account for about 5-10% of your daily calories.
  • Protein covers 20-25% of your daily calories.
  • The amount of natural fat covers about 70-80% of the daily calories that the body needs.

The keto diet should not be followed by yourself, but you must follow up with a doctor while following it until you get an acceptable result.

The keto diet: Pros and Cons

* Pros

  • Stimulate the body to burn fat to lose weight while preserving muscle mass.
  • Lowering blood sugar levels. (which means avoiding the risk of diabetes)
  • Control of Blood Pressure.
  • Improves capabilities :
    • Energy Metabolism of the Brain.
    • Nerve Cells
  • Protects from epileptic seizures.
  • Protects the brain from Alzheimer’s and strokes.
  • Cancer prevention (It helps prevent the growth of cancer cells).
  • The keto diet reduces harmful cholesterol in the body. (LDL is also called “bad cholesterol”)
  • Improves heart function and protects your body from the risk of heart disease.

* Cons

  • At the start of the keto diet, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, because this fatigue is the body’s natural response to changing its primary energy source (because in this case the energy is obtained through consuming fat stores instead of glucose). This causes body fatigue and general fatigue, and this is known as the “keto flu“.
  • Feeling hungry due to a lack of foods that contain large amounts of fiber (these foods are responsible for feeling full all the time).
  • Excessive fat intake may expose you to health problems such as heart disease.

What Is Atkins Diet?

The Atkins diet was introduced in 1972. It promotes weight loss through a low-carb diet, by eating a large amount of protein and fats and by avoiding foods rich in carbohydrates. Its proponents claim that this diet has proven effective in more than 80 clinical studies.

The Atkins Diet: Pros and Cons

* Pros

  • Improving body fat percentage.
  • The Atkins Diet is easy to follow, as it allows you to eat foods that are low in carbs. So that you start taking it in small proportions, and the consumption of these proportions increases little by little until you reach the percentage that your body accepts to lose weight quickly.
  • It does not restrict many foods and nutrients, like other diets.
  • Reduces hunger and appetite.
  • Faster fat loss in the early stages.

* Cons

  • The possibility of regaining weight again. (A short term diet plan)
  • It does not help make your metabolism more effective.
  • It has no benefits that include improving mental health or physical performance.

Keto vs Atkins Diets: What’s the Difference?

* Keto vs Atkins, Both are very common, but they do have some different restrictions on what you can eat.

* For the ketogenic diet to work properly for you in the early stages, the body must enter a state of ketosis all the time, which you will not necessarily see during the later stages of Atkins. Ketosis is especially beneficial for weight loss, brain function, heart health, and blood sugar control.

* On the ketogenic diet, most of the calories must come from fat (about 80%) for the body to produce ketones. On the Atkins diet, it doesn’t matter if you eat more protein or fat.

* The Atkins diet consists of 4 stages, which are graded to reach the appropriate weight, with a healthier diet more easily than keto.

* The Atkins Diet is a plan for short-term weight loss.

* The keto diet works by breaking down fats instead of glucose.

* The keto diet has 4 different types:

    • Standard ketogenic diet
    • Standard ketogenic diet
    • Cyclical keto diet
    • High-Protein Keto Diet

* The Atkins diet has three types:

    • Atkins 20
    • Atkins 40
    • The modified Atkins Diet

* The Atkins diet does not affect glucose metabolism.

* The ketogenic diet is a strict diet, compared to the Atkins diet. (Because it greatly limits your carbohydrate intake)

We recommend learning more about keto-friendly vegetables and low-carb drinks that can help you choose a healthy and complete meal plan while following your chosen diet.

Keto vs Atkins Diets: Similarities

Both diets focus on losing weight and improving overall health.

Both diets encourage a low-carb, high-fat, and moderate-protein intake.

In the first stage of the eating plan, the Keto and Atkins diet is identical. You’ll find that your net carbs drop to less than 50 grams per day (about 5% of your daily calories), which helps your body enter ketosis. But after the first stage, the two diets start to differ from one another.

The Keto Diet Vs The Atkins Diet – Which One Is Best For You?

Many people think that both diets are very similar, with the keto diet and the Atkins diet focused on reducing your carbohydrate intake. But as you know by now, there are huge differences in the approach and results for each as well.

The ketogenic diet has a precise way of changing the metabolism and energy source your body uses.

Although you need to eat foods that increase ketone levels, you are free to take nutritional supplements that make this process easier and faster.

While it is easier to follow the Atkins diet compared to the keto diet, it does not guarantee long-term weight loss and does not offer the same health benefits you can get with the keto diet.

So don’t worry, if you are wondering what to follow (keto or Atkins diet), the answer is simple. The keto diet offers long-term health benefits that include fast and effective weight loss.

4 Tips Before Choosing Between Keto and Atkins Diets

* Finally

In this article, we showed you details about the keto diet vs Atkins, to choose the method that’s best for you to achieve your weight-loss goal. And to make it easier for you, we will provide you with some tips to consider first before choosing.

  1. First, you should consult your doctor about this matter so that the matter is safer for you and the health of your body.
  2. The diet that you choose should work to lose weight and preserve your health as well.
  3. You must have the ability to change your eating lifestyle.
  4. When you start a new weight-loss diet, whether it is a keto diet or an Atkins, you must be prepared for any negative feelings you may feel, in addition to being fully prepared to face this negative feeling.

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