What does cottage cheese taste like?

A very common dairy product, cottage cheese is used every day. Whether savory or sweet, we explain how to choose it, cook it and store it.

What does cottage cheese taste like

Creamy, versatile in the kitchen, light and excellent for the health, cottage cheese is a must in the kitchen. To prepare a sauce, in pastries or in a tiramisu… It has more than one trick up its sleeve!

History and characteristics

The fromage blanc is part of the family of fresh dairy products. It would have been invented by nomads from the Middle East or Central Asia. Indeed, the transport and storage of milk was done in the bladders or panses of ewes, these “bags” made of organs contain rennet, a substance essential to transform milk into cottage cheese. The white cheese would have been created by chance.

The manufacture of this cheese dates back to 4000 years BC. Archaeological research has proven the existence of sieves used to drain the curdled milk from the whey corresponding to this same period.

Over the years, the stages of transformation of milk into cottage cheese have been modernized. We owe to the Romans the invention of the press necessary to drain the curdled milk. Since the 20th century, due to industrialization, cottage cheese has developed rapidly in Europe.

Cottage cheese is a creamy and fairly dense product. Its acidic taste reflects the presence of lactic ferments. It comes in several forms:

  • Cottage cheese (with a granular texture)
  • Smooth white cheese (with whipped curd)
  • Petit-suisse (a white cheese to which cream is added)
  • Faisselle (a cottage cheese that has been drained)

Nutritional information

Cottage cheese is interesting from a nutritional point of view, it is rich in proteins but also in calcium which is essential for the good development of bones. Rich in amino acids, cottage cheese contributes to the proper functioning of the body. Easy to digest, with a satiating power, it is ideal to fill the small hungers in the middle of the day. This dairy product contains a protein called “casein”, it is interesting for all athletes seeking to gain muscle mass. The cottage cheese brings peptide known to stimulate the production of collagen.

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How to choose a cottage cheese?

It is recommended to choose a curd cheese with 0% fat, this rate does not influence the quality of the product. Make sure that it is not too sweet and choose well-known brands. Moreover, a curd cheese with a little fat can quickly become caloric when flavored.

How to store cottage cheese?

Between 0 and 4°C in the refrigerator, cottage cheese does not keep very long. As a dairy product, it is important to take into account the expiry date indicated. There is a grandma’s trick to prevent the cheese from spoiling too quickly: turn the jar upside down in the refrigerator!

Cottage cheese: quick, baked, healthy

Plain or with fruit, in a cake or even in a savory version… Cottage cheese can be enjoyed on all occasions and without remorse. Here is a selection of our best recipes to make this product even better.

How to cook cottage cheese?

For starters, fromage blanc is often used to replace cream. It can be combined with freshly cut cucumbers or on smoked salmon toast. Cottage cheese can also be used as an aperitif sauce once seasoned.

For the sweet tooth, think of the inevitable cottage cheese cake. For those with a sweet tooth, it is possible to make a tiramisu or ice cream. Ideal for a change from mascarpone and liquid cream.

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