About Us

About Us


Hello, I’m Karima, the creator of the GreatFoodForAll blog.
I currently live in Morocco. I have a high certificate in software Developer/Programmer, writer, but I have always been passionate about nutrition and healthy living. I prefer cuisine, science, and planning new recipes and am a firm believer in a low-carb life and regular exercise. As a science geek, I base my perspective on correct research and have firsthand knowledge of what it means to be on a low carb diet. Both reflected in my blog.

I changed the way I eat in 2018 when I was obese and found it more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

The irony was that, like so many other people, I managed to follow what I believed to be a healthy, balanced diet. I avoided most fatty foods for fear of clogging my arteries and gaining weight. I based my diet on whole grains and vegetables and I limited my consumption of animal products. I did exactly what the general dietary recommendations told me to do – exercise more and eat less. Yet nothing worked. Eventually, I was tired of dieting all the time, and I was determined to get my health back by taking a different approach.

That’s when I chose to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods and start taking a whole-food, ketogenic approach.

After witnessing the incredible benefits of a low carb diet, I started the GreatFoodForAll blog, which helps millions of people follow a whole food, low carb ketogenic lifestyle.

Based on my successful experience with the ketogenic diet. I have shared this personal experience with all in my blog as the best example to encourage people and help them to follow my healthy diet and to show that this way of eating doesn’t have to be complicated and boring.

KetoDiet isn’t just about losing weight at all costs; it’s about choosing a healthier lifestyle. My mission is to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s your dream weight or just healthy eating.

A blog GreatFoodForAll seeks to provide content suitable for all its users and to obtain sufficient information on(keto diet). Our goal is simple: We want to make keto as accessible and, dare we say it, as fun as possible. We’re here to encourage you as you explore delicious recipes to continue enjoying the food you cook, applaud your weight loss successes big and small, and give you an evidence-based approach to making Keto a sustainable approach to your trip.
And improve perceptions of what it means to eat healthily and help our customers achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life. We want also to recommend people a common-sense approach to healthy eating.

To help you start the conversation, we’ve created several channels to make it easy for you to communicate with us. You can join our user community on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, ask our experts questions, post comments on our blog, or just email or call us.

We are always available to receive messages from our customers.

Welcome to GreatFoodForAll!
Chouhbane Karima