Is Isomalt Keto Friendly Sweetener? [Quick Guide]

Is isomalt keto Friendly? Searching for the best keto-friendly sweeteners has become a popular topic among all.

There are a variety of sugar substitutes that can help you cut carbs and keep blood sugar levels low.

So what is isomalt? Do you think isomalt is a suitable choice for the keto diet? In addition to some health benefits and side effects of isomalt that you must know before using it on the keto diet.

This article explains if Isomalt is keto-friendly. Plus some suggestions about sweeteners that might be keto-friendly.

What Is Isomalt?

Isomalt is a sugar substitute, a type of alcoholic sugar primarily used for its sugar-like properties, it is also low in calories and widely used by those trying to reduce sugar in their diets.

* Isomalt tastes like sugar, but it’s less sweet, and it also melts slowly in the mouth and only has a slight cooling effect.

* This sugar substitute is similar to sucrose, and more like granulated sugar: the same white, crystalline molecules, odourless, easily soluble in water.

One of the main uses of isomalt is to make sugar-free candy as well as baked goods because it does not degrade or lose its sweetness when heated.

* Did you know that it was first introduced in the 1960s.

You can find Isomalt in a large number of packaged goods in most markets.

But it is sold less for consumer use compared to other sugar alcohols such as xylitol and erythritol.

* Some products may contain isomalt such as:

  • Hard candies
  • Toffee
  • Chewing gum
  • Chocolates
  • Sugar-free drinks (sodas and juices)
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Cough Drops and Throat Lozenges
  • Baked goods

* Nutrition facts of Isomalt:

Name Calories / Gram Sweetness Index Glycemic Index Sweetness, relative to sucrose
Isomalt 2.1 0.5 2 55%

* Note about Isomalt:

  • Taste: ——– Good,
  • Aftertaste: —- No,
  • Concerns: —– Yes.

Now, that we know isomalt as a sugar substitute in your opinion, do you think Isomalt is keto-friendly? Is it safe to use on the keto diet?

Is Isomalt Keto-Friendly?

Before answering whether ” Is Isomalt Keto-Friendly or not. You should know that eliminating sugar on the keto diet is difficult, but it is still the best option.

* No one wants to use sugar substitutes that can lead to health complications.

But if we talk about isomalt and its safe uses in keto, it can be said that more than 80 countries allow it to be used in food products. 

It is approved for use in most countries. Including the United States, the European Union, Australia and Japan – Approved in the EU as E953.

* So is Isomalt Keto? The answer is – it’s okay, Isomalt is suitable for the keto diet (but not 100% the ideal choice).

Since Isomalt has a very low glycemic index [1], which means it will not spike your blood sugar or kick you out of ketosis.

Note: When it comes to alternative sweeteners, Isomalt is a good option if you are on the keto diet. It should be noted, however, that there are many more sugar alcohols and other alternatives that can be better options for keto, more than Isomalt like Monk Fruit and Erythritol.

Isomalt Keto: Health Benefits

Are you looking for a low-calorie sugar substitute for your drink with some health benefits? Isomalt can be your answer.

Especially if you are on the keto diet, for example. It is ideal for those people who need to monitor their sugar intake for reasons related to diabetes, weight loss or even tooth sensitivity.

1. Isomalt keto – Supports Gut Health

Tooth decay and gingivitis are two of the most common problems associated with eating sugars for many people, especially if they are consumed in large amounts over the long term.

Isomalt is not metabolized by bacteria in the mouth and thus does not contribute to tooth decay.

But this is the role of most sugar alcohols, including Isomalt. Although it is derived from sugar, it actually has no harmful side effects on dental health. It is a good option for those keen on the safety of their teeth.

2. Isomalt keto – Low glycemic index

* Isomalt may rarely affect blood glucose or insulin response after taking it.

* The body’s enzymes only partially digest isomalt after it is eaten, which classifies it as a low digestible carb. (Like other sugar alcohols)

* Isomalt has a low glycemic index (only 2 – compared to Sugar 65), and this makes it useful as part of a low-carb diet like keto.

So this makes isomalt a great choice for everyone who has diabetes and needs insulin monitoring and blood sugar control.

Especially those trying to maintain a healthy state of ketosis by not rapidly fluctuating their blood glucose levels. So this is good if you want to use Isomalt on keto.

3. Isomalt –  Can Promotes weight loss on keto

Sugar alcohols like Isomalt can be very helpful in promoting weight loss, especially if you are on the keto diet.

This type of sweetener can also be found in a variety of food commodities that are often classified as “sugar-free” or “no added sugar.”

Isomalt Keto: Side Effects

1. Can cause diarrhoea

Isomalt can lead to indigestion, nausea, bloating, and diarrhoea if taken frequently and in large amounts. So try to eat it in moderation as with other alcohol sugars.

* It is probably best to take no more than 20 grams of Isomalt per day.

* Tests on some people have shown that it is safe and beneficial if consumed in quantities of up to 30 grams per day.

2. May cause allergic reactions

Always remember that sugar alcohols are known to cause unwanted side effects in your digestive system.

These bowel problems are usually accompanied by other symptoms that can appear in the form of classic allergic reactions such as itchy skin, sneezing, and difficulty breathing.

Since sugar alcohols can be made from (likely) different plants, this does not mean that you do not have a plant allergy.

So be aware of using Isomalt because if you suffer from any of these symptoms then this means that it is not suitable for you and you should avoid it as soon as possible, whether you are consuming Isomalt on a keto or your regular diet.

4. Isomalt keto – May be expensive

Isomalt is one of the most expensive sweeteners available in the market, and its price is about 5 times the price of sugar by weight.

Final recommendations: Is Isomalt Keto?

* It should be noted that Isomalt is not currently approved as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA.

Note: There is a great debate about whether this is true or not, but frankly, with our continuous research on this, we were unable to find credible evidence confirming or denying the validity of this matter.

Is Isomalt Keto? Isomalt is a suitable choice for the keto diet, but it should not be relied upon too much, just try to consume it in moderate amounts, and constantly try to monitor your blood sugar and insulin after taking it, to see its effect on glucose. 

We hope this helps: The top 3 keto-friendly sweeteners come first… This might be better than Isomalt on Keto.

Because if consumed in large amounts, it could push you out of ketosis and failed your keto plan.

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